Strategic Planning

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Effective Strategic Planning is critical to the successful performance of an organisation. 

This workshop is designed for organizations to be able to both learn about and develop their plans in an interactive and very practical manner.

This is what Strategic Planning is all about – identifying, choosing and putting into action winning strategies for our business in a changing environment.


Participants will learn and actively engage in the process of:
  • Setting a direction, mission and purpose for our organisation.
  • Looking at what is happening in the “outside world” so that we can take advantage of opportunities and counter threats that may arise.
  • Looking at ourselves – our strengths and weaknesses – so that we capitalise on our strengths and develop strategies to manage our weaknesses.
  • Given what is happening in the outside world, and given our strengths and our weaknesses, setting and executing objectives to achieve our vision.
  • Determining accountability for execution of the strategies and maintain individual and organisational focus on the objectives.

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