The ZE Model

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The ZE model is an empirically validated cultural assessment tool. ZE stands for the zone of engagement. The model provides a framework that allows the capacity to position people on the grid based on their responses to questions about themselves and their work environment. The tool provides insights into different levels of worker engagement within an organisation.

Individuals closer to the engagement zone, in general, have a more fulfilling and successful work experience than those who are positioned away from this area. From the point of view of the organisation the more people closer to this area is likely to have significant positive implications. Based on the position of people across the organisation, tailored strategies can be developed to drive higher levels of engagement, productivity and safety in your business.

The ZE approach is unique in that it also provides individual respondents the option to receive personalised feedback about their responses. This self-insight provides the potential to provide a range of targeted strategies that can help individuals take personal responsibility to move closer to the HighZE area of the model. Below are example profiles from previous respondents.

The data is collected using either an online or hardcopy survey. It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Once benchmark data is collected, interventions can be recommended and their impact measured in subsequent data collection phases. Relative industry data is also available for comparison in many sectors.

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