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Who we are

The CPEM Consulting Group, established in 1991, operates from Brisbane providing a wide range of Organisational Consulting services and Training and Development services to clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, United States of America and Europe.

The group is comprised of management consultants and consultant psychologists. All consultants have tertiary qualifications at post-graduate level in a combination of Business, Finance, Human Resources, Psychology and Education, as well as solid industry experience in all these areas. CPEM Consulting Group has an excellent reputation with medium to large businesses, government and international corporations.


In terms of Consulting, the Group specialises in:

  • Corporate Governance Consulting and Board Development
  • Strategic Development and Organisational Review
  • Executive and Leadership Development
  • Change and Culture Management
  • Performance Management
  • Operational and Financial Management
  • Psychological Profiling and Recruitment Services
  • Mediation Services


CPEM Consulting Group specialises in the following areas of Learning and Development:

  • Influencing and Effective Communication
  • Executive and Leadership Development
  • Financial Literacy in Business
  • Skills in Change and Culture Management
  • Skills in Performance Management and Executive Coaching.
  • Developing High Performance Teams
  • Resilience Training, Stress and Conflict Management
  • Customer Service and Client Relationship Management

Benefits to Industry

  • Signficant improvement in individual and team performance
  • Measured improvements in leadership skills
  • Measured decrease in staff conflict and stress levels
  • Implementation of effective Performance Management systems
  • Significant improvement in Strategic Thinking and Planning

Our Philosophy


CPEM Consulting Group exists to;

Empower Leaders, so that they can think differently and create safe and inspired work environments

We educate, coach and lead the way

We build relationships and trust

We serve others

We enhance collaboration and communication

We build teams and play to our strength

We build better business

CPEM’s Training and Consulting Philosophy reflects best practice:

  • An Open, Collaborative, and Participative Management Style.
  • Self-Management within a Team Based Environment.
  • Focus on Measurable Quality Outcomes and Continuous Improvement.
  • Shared Leadership throughout the Organisation.
  • Developmental Performance Management including 360 Degree Feedback.
  • A Movement from Disconnected, Holistic Training toward Strategic, Outcome Focussed Skills Development.
  • A Movement from a Traditional Culture towards a High-Performance Culture recognizing the power of diversity in all of its forms.

Meet The Team

Lara Schlinker

Lara Schlinker is a senior Consultant and specialist in facilitation, training, programme design and coaching. She works predominantly in the fields of ...

Darryl Krook

Darryl Krook is a respected consultant in the areas of Strategic and Organisational Development. He has worked with a range of public ...

John Whiteoak

Dr John Whiteoak is a highly respected management consultant, workplace trainer, group facilitator and business coach working with many well known Australian ...

Suzy Roden

With over 30 years’ experience, Suzy is a trusted consultant & coach to top 100 ASX companies, government, and entrepreneurial businesses...
Kim Skubris

Kim Skubris

Kim Skubris is a broadcast journalist with 25 years’ experience in News, mostly with the Seven Network in Australia and overseas. For ...

Debra Thompson

An energetic and effective Executive Coach, Corporate and Culture leader, Debra is...

Lowanna Dunn

Lowanna is a highly engaging facilitator and coach who can deliver dynamic, embodied, and challenging learning experiences to facilitate insight and growth

Andrea krook

Andrea has extensive professional experience in learning and development and corporate performance with a range of clients. As Client Services Manager for ...

Ilea Stoltenberg

Ilea is a talent, organisational and leadership development professional with global and cross-industry experience...

Dallas Beauchamp

Dallas Beauchamp CA, B.Bus has a very different approach to financial literacy and financial management ...

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