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The role of directors is important and challenging. 

Directors are subject to an increasing range of legal duties and, in many cases, can be held criminally liable for failure to fulfil those duties. Courts and regulatory authorities have consistently warned that ‘passive’ directors will not be tolerated. Our corporate governance consulting program sets out the rationale for establishing boards of directors and examines the purpose of the board and the roles that boards play.

Ask yourself how does your company perform in the following areas:

  • Is your board diverse including a range of experience from a number of different but equally important industries and specialisations?
  • Are the appropriate systems and processes in place to properly hold the board accountable to itself. stakeholders and employees alike?
  • Do you have transparency around your organisation’s finances and internal controls?
  • What are the shareholder rights you currently have in place – are they fair?
  • Are the executives being properly compensated for their performance?
  • What is your organisations social and environmental impact, and how do you plan on improving or mitigating it?


Specifically you will learn to:
  • Clarify boards’ roles and functions in the context of corporate governance.
  • Review principles and guidelines for effective boards.
  • Review contemporary governance issues.

Since the global financial crisis, corporate governance has become an increased area of focus for investors.  There is considerable research linking performance with adherence to high standards of corporate governance. Through our corporate governance consulting service, your organisation can build and maintain integrity, fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency and most importantly, optimal outcomes within the entire organisation.

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