Building and Maintaining Effective Work Teams

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Whether you are an Executive, People and Culture Manager or a front line employee, one thing that we all share is that we have to work together.

An effective work team consists of a group of diverse, yet like-minded, goal orientated individuals, each with expertise in their specialty areas. As a collective, they have skills that complement one another – resulting in collaboration, innovation and great results.

In simpler terms, a team is a group of individuals that come together and using their unique skills, individuality and communication skills to produce a better finished product.

In order to effectively build and maintain effective work teams that achieve optimal results, there are a number of areas that need to be worked on, such as creating shared goals and leadership, setting clear expectations of each persons role, open and honest communication, early conflict resolution and a strong sense of accountability and trust among team members.

At CPEM Consulting Group, we have crafted a comprehensive workshop that is proven to help your team or organisation to  understand team dynamics and real skills in team environments, and in turn strengthen your workforce’s team skills and overall efficiency.


Specifically you will learn to:

  • Apply techniques for increasing team productivity.
  • Build teamwork and cooperation.
  • Turn a diverse group of people into an empowered, smooth functioning team.
  • Identify team preferences for enhanced team performance.
  • Instil a high degree of motivation and commitment in team members.
  • Get the cooperation and involvement of the team.

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