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It’s safe to say that every job involves some degree of stress.

While some stress is reasonable, it becomes an issue when it is excessive and ongoing. Affecting anyone from senior leaders to frontline employees, stress can have significant impact on your organisations performance.

Fortunately, through our resilience training & stress management program, you can learn the best strategies to manage and reduce stress levels in yourself and others, resulting in improved overall morale in your workplace and outcomes for your organisation.

Specifically you will learn to:
  • Identify the causes of stress in the workplace and recognise the various signs of stress in self and others.
  • Identify variables to reduce stress in the workplace.
  • Manage personal stress by recognising trigger behaviours and practicing activities to control them.
  • Maintain a constant level of performance while under pressure.
  • Establish, measure and adapt personal behavioural responses in the workplace to enhance working relationships.


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