Supervisor Performance Inventory

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Frontline and middle management roles in organisations are often regarded as challenging for many young professionals as they take the journey from technical expertise to line management responsibilities.

Receiving feedback along the way is critical to the effective development of the skills necessary to become a great supervisor.

The Supervisor Performance Inventory (SPI) provides feedback on five key areas of supervision. By receiving this feedback and developing action plans to improve your results in these areas you will be undertaking an activity that will add significant value to the progress of your career development.

The Supervisor Performance Inventory (SPI) is a 30 question, multiple response feedback instrument – commonly called a 360 degree feedback instrument – designed to provide valid and reliable feedback to supervisors / team leaders etc. The 30 questions provide feedback across five areas.

INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT: Developing the individual staff member within the work setting.TEAM DEVELOPMENT: Ensuring the team builds cooperation and performance behaviours.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Developing self through continued learning.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Managing the performance of staff through regular coaching and feedback.

GOAL ACHIEVEMENT: Ensuring individual and team goals align with the organisation’s goals and strategies

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