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The Change Style Indicator (CSI) is an assessment instrument designed to measure an individual’s preferred style in approaching change and dealing with situations involving change.

The score on this instrument will place an individual on a change style continuum ranging from a Conserver style to an Originator style. A third style, the Pragmatist, occupies the middle range of the continuum. The three styles display distinct differences and preferences when approaching change.

1. Understanding the CSI score, will help enable individuals and teams to:

  • manage responses to change and its consequences, both as a leader and a support
  • understand the sources of conflict associated with change and the relationship
    between conflict and preferred style,
  • recognize and appreciate the contributions that each change style offers to the team
    and organization,
  • increase productivity through awareness and effective response to these change style
  • respond to the needs and styles of others in a way that enhances collaboration and
    builds team and/or organizational synergy,
  • assess the environmental factors surrounding a change and select the most
    appropriate change response.

2. Understanding the personal and interpersonal dynamics created by change style offers insight into several commonly asked change related questions.

  • Why do some people appear so threatened by change and intent upon
    preserving the status quo?
  • Why do some people appear constantly dissatisfied with the status quo and
    ready to challenge the existing paradigm?
  • Why are some people reluctant to take small calculated risks while others seem
    so eager to take dangerous unexplored risks?
  • Why are some people able to balance all perspectives and see both sides of an
    issue while others cannot?
  • Why do some people respond so effectively to gradual incremental change
    while others seem oriented toward radical, systemic change?
  • Why do some people appear stuck and unable to take a position in a change

The Change Style Indicator is well respected globally as an effective organisational development tool.

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