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At CPEM Consulting, we help organisations and high ranking individuals to perform more effectively, efficiently and grow like never before. Our focus is to take the critical issues and opportunities in your role or in your business from a problem to solution and right through to your ideal outcomes. From Organisational Consulting to Training and Development, our team of consultants have the unparalleled experience and expertise that are sure to be exactly what you needed to grow your business or your career.

Our leadership development service has evolved across decades of experience and helped grow some of Australia’s greatest leaders, managers and executives in their respective industries.

Building and maintaining effective work teams is integral to success in the current work climate. Through focusing on teamwork and cooperation by learning resilience and stress management, our experts will work to drive motivation and performance in your work place to achieve optimal results.

Or perhaps we can help you with your financial literacy. You can learn to truly grasp the concepts of finance and business by taking a graphical approach with the revolutionary new Colour Accounting™ course, all courses run exclusively by CPEM Consultants.

Select from any one of our services in the list below to find out more about how we can help you or your organisation achieve its full potential.

Corporate Governance for Boards

Our corporate governance consulting program sets out the rationale for establishing boards of directors and examines the purpose of the board and the roles that boards play.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is the term used to define the professional relationship between a business executive and a qualified professional coach. 

Building & Maintaining Effective Work Teams

Today’s team based structures within organisations require specific knowledge and skills in team dynamics. 

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is critical for all executives, leaders, managers and supervisors to ensure successful and sustainable performance.

Managing Conflict

This program will greatly enhance your ability to identify and manage conflict effectively by understanding causes, effects of conflict, and strategies to effectively deal with all types of conflict.

Targeted Recruitment and Selection Practices

Develop the skills and techniques to successfully interview candidates & to increase the probability of appointing the right person for the job.

Supervisor Development

This program prepares supervisors and team leaders to lead our teams and projects successfully toward achieving organisational development goals.

Resilience & Stress Management

Through our resilience training & stress management program, you can learn the best strategies to manage and reduce stress levels in yourself and others.

Strategic Planning

Effective Strategic Planning is critical to the successful performance of an organisation. 



Leadership Development

Shifting from a focus on management techniques to comprehensive leadership development is critical in maximising performance in today’s organisational climate. A must for all serious managers.


Performance Management Training

This program provides leaders with the skills required to effectively performance manage within your organisation, resulting in improved results.

Time Management in Todays Working Environment

This course provides valuable skills and knowledge in time management principles, leading to increased personal and business performance.

Understanding And Managing Change

This program will assist your leaders to apply fundamental strategies to help your organisation respond to ever-accelerating change. 

Organisational Reviews

Enhance organisational success through the development of insight and intelligence about the organisation.

Developing Effective Customer Service Skills and Attitudes

In today’s work environment, effective customer service is critical in establishing and maintaining quality relationships. 

Awakened Mind

Through the power of mindful leadership and mindfulness practice, Awakened Mind maximises engagement & reduces stress/anxiety at work to a healthy minimum.

Developing Effective Communication Skills

Good basics in communication are essential in progressing your career and work performance. 

Colour Accounting

The Colour Accounting™ approach is graphical and enables you to better understand finance and business.

Assertiveness Skills for Life

Understanding the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour allows us to choose a more assertive response in dealing with important relationships at home and work.

Local Government

The most effective Council are ones that can become a high performing team quickly.


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