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One of the greatest challenges and responsibilities of being a manager is delivering both positive and negative performance feedback.

If a manager does not possess the proper skills and know how, they may avoid the conversation due to a fear of getting it wrong and ultimately hope that the situation will sort itself out.

CPEM’s training program can assist your organisation’s management team to develop the skills that will have them effectively managing every day issues before they grow into bigger problems.


These skills include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Effective Communication and Coaching Skills
  • Managing the Culture
  • Managing Individuals’ Performance
  • Motivating and Retaining Staff
  • Effective Marketing
  • Sound Financial Management

When organisations talk about Performance Management, they typically are referring to the following individual activities:

  • Establishing Expectations
  • Setting Objectives for the Individual
  • Monitoring and Coaching the Individual
  • Reviewing the Performance of the Individual
  • Career and Training Discussions

CPEM Consulting Group supports the following underlying common sense within organisations:

  • People are more likely to achieve results which they themselves have helped to establish.
  • People are more likely to achieve results which they believe to be important.
  • People work more effectively when they know what they are expected to achieve and have planned for this.
  • People can improve their performance when they understand the process of measuring and monitoring.

These six activities usually operate as a cycle of Performance Management for the organisation.

Our Performance Management training is typically a one or two day program, designed to address the specific issues of your organisation. 


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