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CPEM Consulting has teamed up with the Awakened Mind Group to assist you to promote mental health and create an environment your team members love working in.

Through the power of mindful leadership and mindfulness practice, Awakened Mind maximises engagement and reduces stress/anxiety at work to a healthy minimum.

The Awakened Mind App has been designed as a support tool to assist you and your team with your Health and Wellbeing initiatives.

Awakened Mind provides a variety of educational and practical content your employees can use as individuals or as teams. Awakened Mind offers a scalable and cost- effective way to impact your entire workforce.

Current clients deploying the Awakened Mind initiative and app in their organisations include Qantas, Salesforce, Hilton Hotels and Novartis.

CPEM Consulting Managing Director, Lara Schlinker, is an accredited Awakened Mind trainer, teaching mindfulness to individuals and teams across Australia.

Why Awakened Mind and Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has been shown to help leaders become more effective in their behaviours to support engagement from their staff.  High engagement equates to higher performance organisations.  In fact, highly engaged cultures outperform other organisations by almost double.
Leadership behaviour has been shown to affect staff engagement by more than 37%.  Leadership behaviour is the single biggest X factor linked to improved employee engagement, while all other factors only affect engagement by up to 1%.
Self regulation in particular, which is part of being an emotionally intelligent leaders, is significantly improved through the practise of mindfulness. 


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