The Yearly Performance Review: Well Over Par

It’s really pleasing to see a number of high profile companies finally realising the general ineffectiveness and, often futility, of the annual performance review. Ineffective at best, toxic at its worst, these once a year sit down, fill out a form, tick a bunch of boxes, and …. sign here please rituals ...


Advice for HR Professionals of the future

I remember speaking at a HR Conference several years back and when asked by the audience what one piece of advice I would give to HR professionals to assist their business in the future, I reflected for a moment and quietly said, “You need to throw the old rule book in the bin.” Over the last several years we have seen ...


Leadership Development

Leadership development has been and probably will be for some time, the subject of much discussion among researchers, consultants and HR professionals alike. As a management consultant in my 25th year of professional practice, I am concerned that we are still seeing the same content and processes across industry, often with little or no significant or sustainable impact on participants and ...